Journalism + Other Writing

Bri covers legal/political issues as well as arts/cultural stories with interviews, features, and essays across print and digital.


Significant contributions to other books

Contributor to Choice Words edited by Louise Swinn (Allen & Unwin, 2019)

Correspondence’ to Quarterly Essay 72 - Net Loss by Sebastian Smee

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Writing for The Guardian

Coverage of the #LetHerSpeak campaign after winning ABIA for Best Biography (3 May 2019)

Queensland is the worst state in Australia for survivors to try to access justice (13 December 2018)

Coverage of the #LetHerSpeak campaign to reform gag laws in Tasmania and the Northern Territory (19 November 2018)

Considerations for and against the jury system in Australian courts (21 July 2018)

What I learned from going to the police and writing Eggshell Skull (21 May 2018)

An interview with author Eileen Ormsby about her book The Darkest Web (22 March 2018)

An interview with author Dr Nikki Stamp about her book Can You Die of a Broken Heart? (24 February 2018)

An interview with author Caroline Baum about her memoir Only (7 March 2017)

An interview with author Holly Throsby about her novel Goodwood (10 October 2016)

An interview with author Liam Pieper about his novel The Toymaker (21 July 2016)


Writing for Vault: Australasian Art and Culture Magazine

Artist profile of Angela Tiatia ahead of her new show at Sullivan & Strumpf (February 2019 issue #25)

Nuance and negligence: #MeToo and the art world (August 2018 issue #23)

An interview with long-time collaborators Lyn & Tony (June 2018 issue #22)

“Urban Art Projects” and an interview with Daniel Tobin (2017 Issue #20)

When fashion and art meet: Ingrid Verner and her collaboration with Lisa Waup (July 2017 Issue #19)


Other arts and cultural journalism

‘The Perfect Lie: perfectionism and the evils of social media’, Harpers Bazaar Australia, 1 March 2019

Ben Quilty in Bleeding Colour’, The Monthly, 1 February 2019

On Rape by Germaine Greer is not good enough to be truly controversial’, Crikey, 6 September 2018

Why does season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale sound so good?’, Double J, 20 June 2018

How sci-fi soundtracks shape our imagining of the future’, Double J, 5 June 2018

Megan Washington on playing with stutters and symphony orchestras’, The Upsider, 10 October 2017

Mother-daughter label OATS proves mums make the best business partners’, i-D, 19 July 2016

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Other legal, political, and issues-based journalism

How Australian courts are stacked against victims of sexual assault’, Crikey, 12 June 2018

Young lady, that’s inappropriate: statistics and prejudice for women in law’, Griffith Review #56, 2017